Lillian shares stories with people of all ages and can tailor a program to suit you. Current shows available for children and adults.

Stories from the globe
A selection of stories from around the world. As many languages as possible is included in the stories to honour the nation/people they are from. Instruments/props used are authentic aiding our imaginative journey around the globe.

Vámonos - Stories in English and Spanish
Stories told in English with repeated Spanish phrases from all parts of the Spanish-speaking world. Discover, learn and journey to the stories and percussion of the Latin Americas. This is one to make you sing, cry and laugh out load. “Ai me amo los cuentos!”

A story, A story
A performance of the types of stories and the ways they have been told throughout the world. Cover mythology, story origins, folk tales, hero tales (epics) cultural stories and much more depending on the time you have available! This is an insightful and enjoyable journey.


“Lilli is an inspirational storyteller, capturing the keen eyes and hearts of her audience no matter what age...”
Tina, Primary school teacher

”This was a wonderful experience for all the children (and the staff). We can’t wait until next time.”
Sue, Preschool Director

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