The intention for this page is to highlight some of my favourite stories. You can read below or view them on my YouTube Channel

The Red Chicken is an absolute stand out for me. I came across this story when working in primary schools on the 'Stories for Community Harmony' program. This story appeared in three languages. The kids performed it trilingually at school assembly at the local festival and since that moment it became a festival favourite for me.

The Red Chicken

Basic story line;
Once a red chicken was walking around the yard and it found a seed.

"Who is going to plant the seed?” asked the chicken.
"Not me,” said the turkey.
"Not me,” said the duck.
"Then I will plant the seed.” Said the red chicken.

When the seed had grown to wheat she asked,
"Who will take the wheat to the mill?”
"Not me,” said the turkey
"Not me,” said the duck.
"Then I will take it myself,” said the red chicken and the chicken took the wheat to the mill.

After that from the flour she made the bread and cooked it. Then she asked again,
"Who is going to eat the bread?”
"Me,” yelled the turkey
"Me,” yelled the duck.
"No! Not you.” Said the chicken. “I will eat it with my chicks. Pook pook come my little ones.”

This story is found in a number of languages including English, Spanish, Nawat,and Macedonian. The difference is usually in the wheat/corn/grain found and the kind of animals that she asks for help – ie a cat/dog/.... In a Mexican version I have heard - the grain of corn found, the corn being grown, milled, the flour being made into tortillas.

The English version of the story can be accessed online (online picture book) at Starfall

Some resources for craft or literacy activities available for this story from Enchanted Learning and First School

There is a series of lesson plans available at Hubbard's Cupboard Including a Little Red Hen song.