List of workshops available and ofcourse what others have to say...

“I really enjoyed your session, it was one of the most developed & unique that I attended during SISF. I've definitely spent time reflecting on the concepts you shared, & how I can integrate them into my everyday work!”
Participant, Singapore International Storytelling Festival

” ... all praise for your skills and generosity. It was a great opportunity to learn and share with colleagues and early education trainees... you're good fun and good-funny!”
Participant, Dignity for Children, Malaysia

From my heart to your heart - we are all storytellers. Here are a list of workshops to begin/use storytelling

Ignite the storyteller within
Based on the skills needed to take a story from memory or the page and make it a shared, oral delight. This workshop is for parents, grandparents, lovers of a great tale, writers, early childhood workers, songwriters... well people :-) who want to develop or fine tune their inherent storytelling skills.

Story Performance
Develop the skills to perform stories; voice, stage presence, characterisation and more are explored. Participants develop a piece for presentation using song, music and appropriate props.

Storytelling and Language skills

Classroom teachers and community workers.
This workshop overviews simple methods of sourcing stories, adding a variety of languages into those stories, participation hints and overviews the way children and adults learn about the world through story.

School groups
Explore our cultural heritage and diversity as a classroom/group. The great tales of Ireland, Wales, Norway, Argentina, Italy, Macedonia, Australia...often share similar tales, moral lessons. Together we explore what tales we have in common and make time to listen to each other.

Language teachers
Learn how to use Total Personal Response and Storytelling to create an interactive embodied learning experience for language students.

Improvisation and words

Learn the skills to create improvised stories. Wonderful for your own writing practise, exceptional for creating truely interactive and inclusive storytelling within a classroom or community. Learn the games, facilitation tools and story structures to guide you.

Storied Conversations
This workshop explores the ways in which we can listen, hear and elicit stories. We cover presentation of ourselves as a story, ways in which we offer alternate stories and the value of the witness. For decades I have worked with youth-at-risk, people who have experienced trauma and in mental health centres, learn the skills to facilitate storied conversations.

Life Story
Our lives can be seen as a series of stories. Together we can develop past events/memories into good tales for the telling. We will create a supportive development and telling environment. We will explore appropriate metaphors and cultural tales to embed our story.

Storytelling, Drama and Robotics
For 5 years I have been coaching youth and teens in robotics clubs to communicate, form a team based on joint core values, develop strategy and design. Basically learn communication via the arts.

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